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The special job lot mystery box includes a collection of toys and games and Christmas which makes it perfect for a Christmas present or a party pack must-have for use or sale.

  • Planning to gift or sell a whole lot of items on this Christmas eve? Try our job lot pack of Christmas gifts and toys and games. Perfect for an all-around Christmas gift box for your loved ones.
  • Just for the price described you will receive a mix of around 25-50 branded and unbranded items for a special Christmas gift or a box to have it for you. The surprise box contains a whole lot of items to play and enjoy in your leisure time and as a party pack.
  • The lot pack included various products for Christmas eve and special toys and games for a which makes it a complete mystery box full of surprises and fun.
  • Each box is unique and has a good mix of items that are brand new some might have box damaged box, but the items are absolutely fine and perfect condition for use in various activities.
  • Limited time offers! Limited Stock! So grab this purchase fast to have a whole lot of amaze gifts and presents.