Best gifting ideas for Babies

9th Nov 2017

  1. Baby Girl Pink & Cream Birth Certificate Holder

The first legal identity someone gets is its birth certificate. It is both special as well as important for any person. So, why not have a special a place for it.

2Mothercare Hand and Footprint Impression Kit

The first smile, the first touch, the first cry, the first step is few of those precious things which you always want to guard it and preserve it as the memory of life time.

So, make an imprint of your baby’s tiny feet and little hands and keep it with you forever.

3.Silver Plated Bear & Stars Cutlery Set Christening Baby Gift Twinkle Twinkle

This shiny silver-plated bear and stars cutlery set can be gifted to the babies. Its unique and cute and is even considered auspicious in many cultures. So, try out for something different this time.

4. Jellycat - Babies pale blue bear soother

Jellycat - Babies pale blue bear soother is an innovative way to comfort your baby with a toy that is easy and comfortable without any cons. It can be a much-loved companion for your baby. A perfect thing to gift!

5.Personalized Baby Photo Album

Few things can never be out dated. They make you happy every time you look at them. Photo albums are one of them. They are becoming better and customised nowadays. This personalised baby photo album is one of them. It holds your memories in the best possible way.

6.Star Fleece Baby Wrap

Babies never ask for luxury. All they need is comfort. These starry baby wraps will give them all the needed comfort for their utter soft skin. Its smooth soft and super cute!

7.Engraved Baby Photo Musical Trinket Box

This Musical trinket box is well enough to keep your little ones hooked up to something while looking at their own pics for the time you are engrossed in your own world. The box also rotates when wounded up. Moreover, you can also engrave your favourite message on it.

(Disclaimer: All the images used in the article have been taken from the product's website.)