Wooden Advent Calendars

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Get the amazing wooden advent calendars  while starting the count down to Christmas.  The door opens individually and is refillable, so you can add as many treats and goodies as you'd like for your children. It is made from premium quality material, this will make the advent more personal, cheerful and you can reuse it year after year.

  • An ideal way to start count down for Christmas, while your kids enjoy the treats you keep for them to enjoy as they cherish the Christmas vibes.
  • This advent calendar is suitable for Christmas decorations, Christmas presents, or to have one for yourself. It enriches the look of the room with its bright color and details design. 
  • The advent calendar is perfect for a gift to friends and family members. It can be gifted as a keepsake also to loved ones. 
  • Its smooth edges make it easy to carry. It can be hung on the wall or even doors. Let the count down begin.
  • The doors are easy to operate so that you can regularly fill them with amazing gifts and bring a smile on your kids' faces.