Make Your Own Mechanical Clock 31 Pieces by B4E

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B4E brings - 'All you need to build a mechanical clock' from our special collection of educational toys for kids. This colorful clock operates mechanically using a spring and gears. Learn how clocks are made, how gear wheels work and how the pendulum keeps accuracy by assembling this yourself. No batteries required. 

Set includes: 
  • Transparent clock face and case with stand. 
  • Spring: This supplies the energy that makes the clock run. Once wound the spring will release it's energy, putting pressure on the gears.
  • Gears: These transfer the energy from the spring. The spring turns the gears and through the different sizes used, the energy is distributed out so that the hands turn at the correct speed. The black gear controls the minute hand one full rotation every hour and the green gear moves the hour hand so that one rotation takes 12 hours. 
  • Bell: this should chime every 15 minutes. The small black cog hooks and releases the hammer as it turns and the hammer hits the bell. 31 pieces in total. 
  • Wonderful fun and educational too. Measures approx 21 x 19cm (8.3 x 7.5 inches). Weight approx 411g total.
                                                         (Does not include batteries)