Childrens Kids Safari Animal Hooded Waterproof Poncho Monkey Elephant Lion 6+ yr (Lion)

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These are Safari Animal printed ponchos with hood for kids. They are suitable for children of age 6 and above. You can use this everywhere. The lovely animals become part of a child's world. It is waterproof and therefore protects your child from getting soaked or catching a cold.

  • Unique design - Safari animal pattern design. Create a sense of wonder.with these safari animals printed ponchos.
  • The approximate dimensions of this poncho is: 62 cm x 89 cm ( 24.4 inches x 35 inches).
  • Suitable for 6+ year old kids. Length 62 cm and Width 89 cm. It’s a great gift for Kids;
  • Comes in three different designs : Monkey(black), Lion(Brown) and Elephant( Brown).
  • They are hooded and waterproof, therefore protect your kids from getting soaked or drenched.