Solid Tips To Achieve Your New Year's Resolutions

16th Jan 2015



Hope you had a wonderful year. And each one of us would want to make this year better than the last one on one parameter or several, be it on a personal front or professional. So, we make our New Year’s resolutions, and we hardly pursue them till the goal is achieved, or forget them soon enough after the holidays are over. 15 days of the new year have passed and how many of us have given up already on our new year resolutions?

Don’t worry, we bring you some solid tips to stick your resolutions this year:

1. Tell a friend/everyone

Keeping your new year resolutions to yourself may make you a bit lazy or complacent in trying to keep them, but when you tell your resolutions to your friends or relatives or if you are brave enough to share it social media then these people can actually help you remind your new year resolutions when you seem to lose track of them or not being serious enough about them.

This way you are more likely to be serious about your goals, because no one likes being mocked around in public or even in his peer group for making false resolutions/promises. Rather we don’t like to be mocked for any reason. This way can be effective if you really want to be committed to your New Year resolutions this time.

2. Stay away from negativity

Make it a point this year to stay away from all those things that might make you feel negative about yourself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Everyone goes through bad days. So, if on a day or two you’re not able to stick to your routine, don’t feel bad. Just begin again on the next day without feeling too guilty about yourself, but stay focused on your goal.

3. Be specific. Very specific

Don’t say, “I have to lose my weight this year”, but be specific that “I have to lose 10 pounds within next 45 days”, starting from so and so date. When you quantify your goals you have sense of responsibility of where you want to reach and where you are at the moment. Also, make your resolutions time-bound, and measure them accordingly. That’s why every business has some measurable targets/goals to achieve in a financial year, broken down monthly, quarterly, half yearly. It helps you stay on the track. Why not do it for your resolutions as well?

4. Reward yourself on reaching the milestones

While you’re being committed to your resolutions, don’t forget to have some fun. Indulge yourself in the favorite activities or go for a movie, or go for a dinner at your favorite restaurant when you reach a certain milestone in your goal. Like in the above example, if you could bring your weight down by 5 pounds or if your resolution was to learn guitar and in the process of learning you could play an entire song of your choice on the guitar!

5. Don’t keep too many resolutions

We always hear that your goals should be achievable. Making too many goals/ resolutions just to feel good about yourself and hoping that I will achieve those is a wishful thinking. We’ve seen it all our life. Break the mold this year and make few but achievable resolutions. And if you achieve those, you could always make a new one. Don’t think that you can’t keep make your resolutions on a day other than Jan 1st.

Wishing you all the best in fulfilling all your resolutions this year!