Ideal Gifts for the School Going Kids

18th May 2018

Children usually come with a list of things they need in the school every now and then. Or they usually want to buy every new and interesting thing they see in the shop. We are bringing you some fresh and innovative things to gift to your children and make them feel super special.

1. Scalloped Blackboard

This vintage looking blackboard is different in design than the normal blackboards. It has a heart decorated at the top along with the three hooks at the bottom. These hooks can be used to hang your kid's favourite cartoon or superhero characters. This blackboard can easily be carried or hung anywhere.

2. Dinosaur Lunch Bag

One of the most important and loved things kids carry to their school is their Lunch Bag. They always want it to be quirky and funky with lots of colours and design on it. This orange coloured lunch bag has dinosaurs designed over it and will be a very useful gift for your kids.

3. A5 Vintage Map Pocket Notebook

A notebook is still the most important thing children need to carry with them to school to pen down their crazy little ideas of their amazing fantasy world. But it’s equally important for them to learn about the real-world map. It can be an interesting and effortless way to make them learn.

4. Mini Blopens Set

Craft is one of the best ways to explore the creativity of children. They always love playing with designs and colours. This Blopens Set is the much-needed thing for them. It contains 10 design stencils & 4 mini pens with blow airbrush effect.

5. Weekly Planner Chalkboard

The important lessons of life need to be taught in the most fun way. Planning is one of them. Teach your kids to plan their time efficiently through this Weekly Planner Chalkboard. This will be a gift of time for them.

6. Children's Pencils & Rubbers Erasers School Craft Drawing Art Set

This funky set of pencils will add some creativity to your kid’s daily crafts activity. Each pencil comes with a cute cartoon or animal shaped eraser. It will be a good gift for them to make them start learning the basics of education.

7. Tropical Flamingo Pen Gift

This tropical flamingo theme-based pen will be an interesting gift for the kids. It will be a treat to their stationery. Moreover, it will motivate them to pen down something interesting and new.

8. Cute Sausage Dog Pen

These funky pens are in the shape of dogs. They also have a bow designed on their neck making them look cute and quirky. Playful yet a useful gift for both kids and adults.

9. Rainbow Unicorn Mug

This adorable white and pastel pink coloured mug are perfect for the unicorn lovers. It is beautifully designed with all the pretty features. This is an ideal gift for any occasion.

10. School Nursery Travel Backpack Rucksack Children's Bag

School Bags are the first thing that strikes our minds when we think of school. Children always want to explore several options in it. This cool and unique designed bag will surely make them get noticed at school! Thus, it’s a perfect thing to gift to them because a bit of extra attention is what they want.