How to decide on a ‘right’ birthday present for a friend?

24th Nov 2014


1. Remember past conversations

While during casual conversations you can get a clue as of what your friend is hinting at, his wish or he may even explicitly mention. If that thing fall under your budget, then gifting that item is surely going to delight your friend one. So, try to remember the past conversations and look for some clues.

2. Find out his interests/hobbies

It always helps if you know the interests, likes and dislikes, hobbies of your friend. It gives you clear options for what present you could buy for him. Also, you could buy a present that complements your friend’s interest or a hobby. For example, if your friend likes cooking then gift him book of new/exotic recipes can be a good idea.

3. Make it thoughtful

Don’t rush into buying the present just for the sake of it. When a person receives a present that he values a lot, say a product from his favorite brand, that’s when your gift becomes memorable and useful as well. A thoughtful gift is what makes the receiver truly happy is appreciated the most by him. Remember, thoughtful need not necessarily be an expensive one.

4. Avoid common gifts

Common gifts are boring and lack a personal touch, especially when you’re giving it to your close friend. Though the gift might not be a necessarily a bad one, but it doesn’t stands out either. Photo frames or giving money are just too clichéd birthday presents.

5. Look at the season

Season changes brings in a demand to buy certain things. Gifting a present that caters to seasonal demands can be a nice thought.

6. Keep the age in mind

It’s important to keep the age of your friend in mind for a right gift. As we get older our likes, interests and needs change overtime. If you are above 40, naturally you won’t be excited about things you were attracted to in your early 20s. It’s important to buy the present that your friend will like and not because you like it.

7. Try to be unique

Gift something that your friend will cherish. Instead of buying some product or an item you can think of buying your friend that has a repeat value. Buy him a gift card/ voucher of his favorite restaurant or buy him a couple of tickets for a movie at IMAX. Think different.

8. Lastly, Don’t forget your budget

Most important thing is to have a good idea of your budget for buying the present. When you have the clear idea of the amount you can afford to spend, it helps in narrowing down the choices you have in order to choose the right birthday present. Not all expensive gifts have to be the good ones, but the ‘right’ ones are. 

Image source: Christmas vector designed by Freepik