Easy tips to get your kids physically active

13th Oct 2014

According to Public health England research, sedentary lifestyles and spending too much time in front of TV screens is taking affecting the children’s well-being and increasing anxiety levels. These are the warning signs for any responsible parent and they must ensure that their children have a physically active lifestyle.

Active children are found to be happier, fitter and they tend to better at academics as well. But, due the overpowering attraction of internet, movies and video games children today find it boring to get involved in any physical sports or activities.

For children, being physically active is very crucial, but the study shows that over 70% of young people in the UK do not undertake even the one hour’s physical activity in a day. This is alarming and if the right steps aren’t taken to lessen this number, we’re sure to find our children struggling with host of ailments and diseases at a young age. As a responsible parent, you can do little, smart changes to your children’s lifestyle to turn the things around.

You need to make your kids understand the importance of staying physically active- directly or indirectly. You need to speak their language or show them through your actions, so that they feel encouraged by themselves and remain motivated.

Here’s what you can easily do to encourage your children to get physically active.

1.Get active yourself

The best way to get your children physically active is to get active yourself. Then, get your children to follow you. Be it for regular exercise or jogging, playing outdoor games in neighborhood, or doing a physical task together. Set an example for your children so that they too feel like doing it.

2.Monitor the screen time

A recent study by Public Health England shows that children who spend more time on computers, watching TV and playing video games tend to experience higher levels of emotional distress, anxiety and depression.

You must put a time limit for watching TV or playing video games for your kids to make them more active.

3.Relate their likes and fantasies to some healthy activities

Young children revel in their fantasy world. Most of them have their favorite super-hero that they adore and look up to. Tell them, if they want to become like Iron-Man or Superman they must take care of their bodies by doing regular exercise and playing outside. Tell them how their superheroes don’t watch TV or play video-games, but take good care of their health.

4.Make them sporty

Sports help your children to stay fit and healthy. Encourage your children to play sports like Tennis, Basketball, Cricket or Swimming.

You can enroll them for free tennis coaching at Tennis For Free. If your kids like adventure sports, you can go for roller skating, skateboarding, mountain biking etc., which are getting popular these days. And most of them are available indoors as well.

Active involvement in sports can take your children a long way in leading a healthy life.

5.Just Dance

Dancing is one of the very fine ways to stay fit and it’s a lot of fun too. Dance forms like Hip-hop, Ballet, Street dance, Salsa are excellent to develop agility, co-ordination, improve stamina and fitness.

6.Spend health-conscious weekends

Rather languishing in bed and spending the weekends idly, make it point to indulge in some physical activity with your children. Play Frisbee or Football in your backyard or take your kids to the park along with their friends and play different games.

7.Go fly a kite

At The Kite Society of Great Britain numerous groups regularly meet to fly kites at various places in Great Britain. They have organized lot of kite festivals over the years. You can take your kids to local kite group associated with this society and encourage them to try and explore different things like this.

8.Do it together

When parents take their children do the exercise or play a sport along with them, kids feel encouraged and secured. Regularly going to the sports club or other communities by taking your kids with you creates a positive impression on your kids regarding the sport or activity you’re associated with.

9.Reward them

Reward them for a physical activity. Give them the desired motivation in form of giving them what they like- maybe by a treat at their favorite food joint or gift them small things they may enjoy.

By taking small, consistent steps you can make your children lead a happier, healthier life and contribute positively to their well-being.