Affordable Christmas gifts for 2014

17th Oct 2014

Here we present you the very affordable Christmas gifts for your loved ones. You can even use some of these at your home to enhance your home decorations for Christmas. We have vast collection for varied gifts on our online stores to choose from. From home décor to costumes to kids games are up for grabs.

Just to get you started we are giving you few of our popular gifts for this Christmas. Check them and give your loved ones a memorable gift which they’ll cherish.

1. Florence Owl Cushion

This is one of the very popular products. This cute & comfortable cushion looks nice on your chair and adds a fun element to your décor. It will be a nice addition to your Christmas decorations.

You can check it here- Florence Owl Cushion with inner on Bargains 4 ever.

2. Rose Garland

Add a touch of romance to your home decor this Christmas. This beautiful garland is made of fabric and organza and has about 15 roses per garland.

You can view it and buy from here- Rose garland (cream) to adorn your walls

3. Elf costume

Make this Christmas magical and make one of your little one's Santa's Little Helpers this Christmas, with our kids Elf Costume!

You can order now from here- Elf Costume

4. Pink Princess Costume

Give your little princess a makeover. Turn her into an adorable princess for the Christmas season. We have a lot more exciting costumes for the young ones at our store.

Buy this costume here- Pink princess costume

5. Magic Tree


Your kids will absolutely love this. Pour the liquid and watch the crystal flowers appear on the tree. A nice little addition to your usual Christmas tree.

You can buy this from here - Magic tree

6. Classic Games Compendium

Christmas is all about happiness and having family fun. Revive your childhood and introduce your young ones to the classic loved by generations. This classic set includes games like Chess, Chinese chequers, Ludo, Nine Men’s Morris, Yatzy, Snakes & Ladders and many more.

7. Fairy Blossom 17 piece Tea Set in Attaché Case

This beautiful mini tea set is made from porcelain which children will love. It comes with a hard carry case ready for picnics. Everything is scaled down in size to make it really easy for young hands to grasp, and the set is printed in an attractive floral design.

You can buy this item from our here- Fairy blossom tea set

8. Earring Jewellery Tree (holder)

Get your beautiful jewellery tree to hold your earrings and other jewellery. It looks absolutely fantastic on your dressing table. This tree can be a lovely gift to your friend and even yourself too! Our customers especially love this 


Check what our customers are saying and you can also buy it here- Cream jewellery tree