10 creative ideas to celebrate your anniversary on a budget

14th Nov 2014


1. Click ‘anniversary selfies’

Take ‘anniversary-special selfies’ of yourselves together and make a nice collage.

2.Go fishing

Break the mould and do something different. Sharing a fishing experience is a great stress-buster and will allow you to spend time together outdoors in the company of Mother Nature! 

3. Play your favorite game together

Play your favorite game or the game you used to love playing in your teens. It’s a nice way to unwind and enjoy your special day

4. Schedule love messages on social media

Write and Schedule love messages/images for your spouse on social media for the whole day with regular intervals of time.

5. Write a good old fashion love letter

Writing a love letter in your own handwriting could be the most surprising and touching gesture for your spouse in today’s wired era. Even you could get it delivered via postman or courier service on your anniversary day. Add a little drama to make it even more memorable.

6. Celebrate it with your parents

It will be good idea to spend the day with your (or spouse’s parents). Go to their place or invite them to your home. Even you could take them to picnic. For a change, try not to make for yourselves only and feel the difference.

7. Create a shared bucket list

Create a shared bucket list of things that you want to achieve together. Set a time frame as to when you would want to achieve those things in coming year or years. The no. of things you pen down could be same as the no. of years you have been together.

8. Take a day-off

Take a day-off from your work and simply spend the time in each other’s company at home and do cooking, gardening etc. together.

9. Invite old friends

Throw a small party at your home and invite all your old friends for a nice re-union.

10. Learn a something new from each other

In most of the couples, they tease each other or have arguments on account of being incapable of doing or showing dissent in doing certain things. Why not learn from each other on this day? For example, wife might teach husband how to cook a quick dish and husband may teach her how to play his favorite game on PlayStation.