B4E 100 Pink Balls

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Add jumpiness and activeness in the fun time with our pink coloured balls pits set of 100 balls. A collection of happiness for your kids or also for you. Ideal for bulk use of balls in parties, gifts, malls or playing inside.

  • Never has anyone got bored of playing with balls, a set of 100 colored balls for play time.
  • Perfect for kids for all age groups. The balls come in pink colour and are Lightweight, easy to handle and safe for little children.
  • Ideal for a gift: can be used in many ways for outdoors and indoors activities.
  • At home, it is the best match for balls pit, playpen, play tent. In kindergarten, it is the best toy for students, the best tool for teachers. And in the mall it is the perfect accessory for children's playground.
  • The product dimensions are 5 cm width. Usage Age: 9 months and above.