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Shearer Candles Frankincense and myrrh wax melt

  • This rich Arabian fragrance combining the oils of precious woods, spices, musk and vanilla
  • Lasts for approx 20 hours
  • H: 27mm x W: 74mm

Shearer Candles Oriental Fig wax melt

  • Exotic oriental Fig blended with warm winter spices for a rich and fruity aroma
  • Lasts for approx 20 hours
  • H: 27mm x W: 74mm

Safety Warning

Remove all packaging and place wax melt in the well of your burner. Use only unscented tealights. Electric warmers for wax melts can also be used. Do not leave wax burner unattended while in use and do not move when lit. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep out of draughts. Do not add water. Use only ventilated areas away from flammable materials. For wax removal, allow to cool and fully harden. Pop the wax out of the burner dish using a blunt wood or rubber tool. Dispose of wax with household waste.